Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome back to the trees, Anil

What have computers got to do with growing trees ? I couldn't see the connection till I read Anil's post - Am still away from trees. Anil Kumar is the marketing man in Sapgreen. With his company co-founder, Ashwin, the guys at this green-delivery start-up have evolved a business model for getting people to plant trees on public spaces. And no business venture nowadays can do without Internet communication - official website, online marketing, blogs vagaira....vagaira.
Snag is the Internet can be highly temperamental. Like an obstinate brat your computer would sulk in silence, and wouldn't give a clue as to how you can get the blessed thing listening to your key-board. And the 'witch-doctor' who can straighten out the system - software consultant - costs a packet. Sapgreen faced such a situation with its official website.
After months of googling, PHP codes, forms,secure form,testing (last few days have been hectic and I did develop few symptoms RSI...) we finished the site. And today I'm proud;we saved lot of money, thanks to Ravi, K* and K's sister Sapgreen is finally up and running.... More in his blog...

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