Thursday, September 11, 2008

tree planting by kids

good show kids, keep the same josh going

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Community Planting

Kids planted over 70 trees at our colony. They have formed a group called ecoLife. Target is to plant 2000 trees with 200 different varieties. Tree Diversity they call.

Ecolife started small , 3 of them and now it is a group of 20. Every week ecolife tries to plant 10 saplings. Perhaps, each colony can form a small kids group and plant 3 saplings a month. Then , in a year we would see 36 trees in a street!.
More info can be obtained from laughing waters.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Reply to previous post: "tree plantation"

Ravishankar's post raised a very important question regarding where the members meet. And what is currently on the agenda. Although we have done a lot of activities in the past few months, all were done separately as individual activities. Naveen planted more than 50 trees at Gokulam. We at Sapgreen with the help of various Eco-conscious people planted more than 450 trees since April and ensured that all are standing well. Everyone here has contributed in one way or the other in greenifying the city. Sometimes, motivation from members itself has been a great catalyst. However, I think we need some more coordination and planning to make an even larger impact.

Recently, I noticed deforestation at a few lakes around Mysore. Varuna lake in particular doesn't even have a proper boundary defined. As a result encroachment into the lake bed would be a fairly easy task. More so considering the pace at which Mysore is growing. We can at least plant the boundaries of this lake with bamboo which is fast growing and could act as a natural boundary. We could think of planting other species of trees later. I can even get the bamboo seeds for planting, so we could start any time. Being a lake shore, water wouldn't be a problem too. May be, we could have this task as our current agenda. Other suggestions are welcome too.

tree plantation

iam the latest member of fort mysore blog, its time for us to act fast, i would like to know where
do the members of the group meet. iam interested in knowing what all things are planned and wold like to involve myself into the group