Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gulmohar in bloom

It is now bloom time for gulmohar.
These pictures(below)were taken a month back
At a triangular road-divide in front of Beden Powell school. Changing colour, to red from green, within a couple of weeks.

On sentry duty outside the Institute of Oriental Studies is this gulmohar, photoed over the last two weeks.

I have no excuse for the mismatch in placement of photos and captions other than saying I did my best.


Gagan K. said...

good photos GVK. Being in the field of journalism and analysing the photos... you can get better quality photos if u can get an advanced camera. In that case, you could take close ups of flowers...

just wanted to know which camera you use.

GVK said...

It's the basic model, I guess - Vivitar-Vivicam 3330 - a gift from my daughter-in-law, a couple of years back. Which was when I started taking pictures. I still can't figure out various features in this small digital gadget. Would you know what DISP is, Mr Gagan?
I am such a nit that often I click on 'video' mode, thinking I am taking still shots.

Gagan K. said...

Dear sir, even i have a NIkon digital camera and im using from 2-3 years. Its a good model. I am planning to meet you from several days, and when i meet you up, i will explain you each and every details about your camera (which i know!!), may be after that you can use your camera to its fullest capacity.

And the video mode in your camera can be used to take videos which you can later upload on as videos.

When i meet you up, i will surely explain you these things.

meet you very soon.