Saturday, April 26, 2008

Elections, sapgreen

In this blog i would like to talk on two things. One about elections and another thing about sapgreen status.

Somehow this time's election commission's strict rules alongwith the supreme court guidelines and sincere attempt by district administration, we are seeing that this election is turning out to be less harmful for GREEN. What i mean is that, more the plastic buntings, flex posters, plastic flags, more it is against the environment, and against green. I am happy that this time, we are not seeing much of these buntings which harm our environment. We have to surely remember the CEC Gopalaswamy. Well done sir.

My friend told me the sapgreen had finished planting some 160 saplings. This is a great number in a small time. Meanwhile i'm yet to plant my sapling through sapgreen. So we have to be happy that sapgreen project is on its way being successful.

I saw the plant database on sapgreen website. Some days ago i had seen only a spreadsheet of the tree database. Then i thought of this idea of using database and querry system. And the software guys have used their skills very very well. Kudos!

And a post on sapgreen says that now onwards a payment can be done through credit card. Great deal of course. Now anyone far from mysore can gift a tree through online payment. Online payment can be done through this page.

It is also a good news that sapgreen has been now associated with UNEP's plant billion trees project. Way to go ahead.

I was busy from 2 weeks with other works. I could not attend the planting drive organised on 20th of april.

Sapgreen is going in a great way. Being a company, revenue is very important. 160 saplings and 300 rupees per sapling means good revenue in short period.


Gouri Satya said...

We must also say congrats Mr. Manivannan and Dr. Ravindranath, the Deputy Commissioner and the Police Commissioner, for their strict enforcement of the election code.

I am happy to note the progress of sapgreen. Good going indeed in a short period.

cpn said...

I am impressed with SAP green's effort. I called one of the proomoters. I explained that we, the Gokulam Park residents would want to plant over 60 Trees. I had sent an email too. For some reason, I havent heard from them - perhaps they are busy . In any case, I shall call them over again and plan for the planting this monsoon.