Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drive to save suffering trees

I don't know if this issue has been discussed earlier. But I want to bring it to the notice of all the citizens. These days, during road widening, most trees are being cut off. And only some trees survive. But they survive in a very breath stopping conditions. Usually I have seen tar is put all around the roots of the trees, which makes it impossible for the tree's roots to breathe.

This also prevents water from entering the roots. This issue was raised by Maj. Gen. S.G. Vombathkere when I met him some 2 years ago. He also told about the growing tendency of cutting the roots of the trees during laying of optic fibre and other cables. Since the roots are damaged, they cannot withstand the blowing winds during heavy rains. This may be the reason why we are seeing more and more trees falling during rains.

Just discussing about this will not help. Can we identify places where trees are suffering in this way and clear the space around the roots. I have seen some 4-5 trees in Kalidasa road which have been surrounded by tar road around their roots. Or else, which authorities can we approach to request for an action.


GVK said...

Would be more telling if we could put in some pictures of tar-affected trees on Kalidasa Rd. Maybe you, Mr Gagan, or some other citizen photo-journalist could swing this.
As for seeking action from authorities,we would like to think FORT-Mysore is an action-driven outfit that prefers to chip in with voluntary action, to whatever extent possible. Admittedly, we haven't done much doing so far.

Gagan K. said...

:) .. sir no need of a photo journalist. i wil get the photos myself when i have the camera and go along that way.

i will make a list from my side about the places of such things. we will combine all this and give a representation to forest department and MCC, MUDA.. then if there is no action taken, we can try doing it ourselves and protest.