Friday, April 11, 2008

Gouri Satya says it in Business Standard

It helps to be a journalist to promote a cause. And Mr Gouri Satya, a green enthusiast, has written about Sapgreen in Kolkata's Business Standard.

'Say it with saplings’ has been the business model for two young software engineers from Mysore, he says,introducing to his readers the company founders - Anil Kumar A S and Ashwin Upadhyaya. They are both 25, SJCE alumni, techies by training, and bitten by the green bug.

“Many moments in our life call for celebrations — birthday, wedding anniversary, daughter’s convocation, son’s first placement or whatever else. Usually we party, take out newspaper ads, or offer prayers at places of worship...", says Mr Satya's news report quoting Ashwin, we would persuade people to plant or sponsor saplings to mark such occasions.

Anil Kumar, who takes care of Sapgreen's marketing operations, is quoted in the media as, A green greeting card with details of where the sapling was planted will be sent to the person in whose name the sapling has been planted. It (company) will nurse the sapling and guard it until it becomes self-sustainable. Those who send bouquets to dear ones can make it more special by including a tree-gift certificate

Salient points in the media report:

--The company has also drawn up a ‘Devara Kadu’ scheme. Instead of offering flowers or coconut, people visiting a temple can offer a plant for planting on a vacant space around the temple. The company would arrange to retail saplings outside the temple.

--Another green idea in the pipeline is for corporates, which earmark funds under corporate social responsibility. Sapgreen is working on a package involving mass tree planting,and adopting and maintaining a park or other public space in the name of a corporate sponsor.

(Click for)Gouri Satya's Business Standard report

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