Tuesday, April 1, 2008

'Happy Ugadi’; Say it with saplings

A Vijaynagar park, euphemism for an open space that doubles up as makeshift pitch for our budding Javagal Srinaths, would see some saplings planted this Ugadi (April 7). That is how Anil and Ashwin plan to mark the opening of their tree-plant company. Incidentally, all three of them (Srinath, I mean) are Mysore’s SJCE alumni.

A view of the park that could do with trees.
I haven’t discussed this, but my sense is the Ugadi tree-planting should be made an open-house affair. The ‘A’s of this fledging green company, I gather, plan to mark the company opening by inviting their guests to plant a sapling each (is this still on, Ashwin?). If it is, I have a suggestion. Why not open the tree-plant event to public park cricketers, residents in the neighborhood, and even interested passers-by who drop in to see what is going on?
I understand the event organizers may not have enough saplings to go round. But then residents around the park could be encouraged to bring their own saplings for planting. An enterprising nursery in the city can helpfully open a sales outlet (a discount counter) for the interested neighborhood residents. Sapgreen, the company, can bond with the neighborhood by providing a platform to green the park. And residents, on their part, would have a chance to say Happy Ugadi with saplings. How about that, for public participation, Ashwin?
A guidemap that gives a rough idea of where the park is. In case you lose your way, by following this map, don't curse the event organisers. This is their first time in the business. And they are doing their imaginative best.

Images cross-posted from Sapgreen.


Gagan K. said...

this is a great news. the park shown in the post is too near to my place.

i have a group of friends in Maharaja's college who have made a group called "green india". They have planted many saplings in and around their college.

I will get them, and my friends to the park with one sapling on ugadi day.

It will be nice if we can keep organising one such event every month. And we can notify the date and venue in advance, it will be good.

any other suggestions, u can contact me.

Gagan K. said...

on the same day, it will be good to meet up the tree friends whom we have been meeting online. hoping to see more and more tree friends on yugadi. I feel, on yugadi, it will be holiday. We can finish our prayers early and assemble at the park by 9:00AM.

I am waiting for more information about the yugadi event

arjun said...

gr8 2 have a community of tree lovers..... we some of the cadets of Maharaja college,yuvaraja college n mahajanas have a community named as GREEN INDIA... i would like to invite you people to our community so that we can co operate n work together.let me know ur opinion...

GVK said...

Thanks for the invite, Arjun. When Gagan first mentioned about Green India we asked him to post a piece on this student initiative, its beginnings,current activities and vision for greening of Mysore. I don't suppose anyone who talks, thinks and loves trees need an invite to put in their thoughts here.