Friday, April 25, 2008

Election costs

This gigantic structure serves no purpose now. Earlier, it held a 40 foot tall Kumaraswamy cutout. Thanks to strict election norms in Mysore district, he is no longer showcased there.

At least a dozen trees must have been felled for no purpose at all.

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Gagan K. said...

hi aswin. very nice one. Even i noticed this structure while travelling to hunsur. even iwanted to write about this, but i could not manage to take a photo.

if u could notice that structure carefully, one big aalada mara has been almost chopped off and the same has been used for support.

Some told me that the cut out was put at the cost of some 2 to 3 lakhs. And kumaara-anna gave this party worker a gift of 10 lakhs for putting up this cut out. Thanks to stringent rules, no banners this time.

And this cut out should remind us about the story of OZYMANDIAS. .. please read the story from this link.

There is no purpose which is served by such cut outs except satisfying the leader and satisfying some mad "followers" of such corrupt leaders.

More to write about these posters and everything. I will soon make a post about this.