Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Do we have an answer ?

In reference Mr Gagan’s spirited post – Drive to save suffering trees - Dr Y N I Anand mailed us a four-word query, ‘do you have any answer?’. I can’t say I have. By which, I don’t mean we can’t figure out who was responsible for mucking up the pavement with tar spill or trimming the roots (Gen.Vombatkere’s point) during roadside diggings.

Representation to the authorities works, at times, depending on the clout of the complainant. This is not to suggest such environmental violations should go unreported by ordinary citizens. Reporting public wrong-doings is everyone’s duty. What else can one do about it?
The pavement littered with debri , along Baden Powell public school, points to the scale of neglect of our environment. People who dig up pavement don’t realize they have a civic obligation to clean up the mess they create. This applies to government departments, private contractors, and even residents.
Whoever planted this sapling on Chamaraja Double Rd has apparently done this with public interest in mind. But a job done with such good intention has been left unfinished.This patch of prime land, at MUDA junction on JLB Rd, functions as a landfill. The land, left unused for long, presumably, because of a dispute, has become a soft spot for use as public landfill. Do we have an answer to such development?This is a tell-tale trash heap left on the pavement close to a college campus; and the garbage of cement, bricks and other construction material has made the soil effectively unfit for vegetation. In refreshing contrast, we find (below)a row of freshly planted saplings along the college wall on the boulevard.
Mr Gagan says the pavement planting has been a students initiative; and the Maharaja College ‘green’ club has also planted trees inside their college campus.

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Gagan K. said...

the problem is that... when they dig up the footpaths for laying cables and other things, they also cut the roots. this weakens the strength of the tree.

and while the road is being widened, they leave the tree, but they surround the tree's roots with tar.

do we have an answer?
yes. the best way is to first find out the authority responsible (muda or mcc), then make a representation to them about this.

then if this is not done, we have to protest in a gandhian way by doing this work ourselves in one or two places. may be this gets some public attention and media attention, the authorities may wake up.

first let us start making a list of places where trees are suffering in this way. may be we all can start making a list in the comments thread of this post. Once the list is ready, we can hand over the request to the concerned authorities.

1. Kalidasa road in front of HSBC bank.