Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Peoples initiative to Bring Back the Sparrows to Whitefield

Residents and Rotary club of whitefield Bangalore have a project where, in the immediate phase they plan to turn Whitefield green by planting 100,000 trees in a 22 sq km area and thereby make a major impact on the environment. And it is being implemented by 15 August, 2008.

Hundreds of residents in this 22 sq km area (skirted by the Outer Ring Road from Marathahalli till the suspension bridge, past the ITPL, down Hope Farm and along Airport-Varthur Road) have already begun to participate.
A hundred thousand trees have the ability to change entire eco systems. Here are four things we believe will happen:
  • Sparrows will return to Whitefield
  • Many species of butterflies will be back
  • The water table will rise
  • Carbon dioxide levels will be better managed

What are the residents expected to do:

  • Help identify areas for planting trees
  • Be part of the awareness campaign
  • Get involved in collecting cash contributions (Rs. 100 per tree) that help plant the saplings and nurture them
  • Approach companies for their Involvement Work towards acquiring an adequate number of saplings
  • Be part of the tree plantation itself

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