Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's a temple without trees?

Excerpts from a post in Bangalore tree-lovers blog:

Throughout history, across geographies and cultures, tree worship can be seen, in one form or the other.This reverence, although often shrouded in mysticism and superstition, stems from a simple, universal fact of life:“No trees. No life.”

...Our ancestors, who saw this during their time,knew it would threaten the delicate balance of life. So to prevent an ecological disaster, they accorded trees with a sacred status...
The logic behind this was simple.“What’s sacred cannot be harmed or destroyed. It can only be conserved. Thus ensuring a healthy population of trees (and a healthy planet with it.)”

Thus sacred groves were the earliest forms of conservation that can be found in all cultures. These groves were sacred places where trees and plants were allowed to grow undisturbed and where reptiles, birds and animals could live freely without fear of poaching or interference by man.

Sacred groves were the origin of the temples, whose columns were initially trees, and later of the Christian churches which still evoke it by the alignment of its pillars, the semidarkness within it, and the soft coloured light that filters through its stained glass windows....Read more...

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