Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sapgreen, in business

She asked me whether she could plant a tree on behalf of her friend. This was a difficult question. We have still not setup our office properly (Inauguration day on 6th April, Ugadi). None of the items required were ready (saplings were still in their nurseries). Although we had all the necessary permission from the city planners, we had not yet finalized on which place to start our planting...

So runs the latest post by eco-preneur Ashwin Upadhyaya in his blog. Along with his collegemate (in SJCE) Anil Kumar A S, he is poised to open a green-shop in Mysore. Their mantra is in this sticker design:Anil and Ashwin want to try tree-planting as a buisness model, with no illusion about their company turning out to be a money-spinner any time soon. But then if the boys were after money, they wouldn't have given up their cushy software jobs, to try something socially responsible in their own town.

Sapgreen's first customers - Vaishnavi and Sandeep - planting in a public park (right); and company CEO Ashwin watering the plant...More in his blog.

Ashwin's contact details, here.


narendra shenoy said...

This is a noble endeavor. My whole hearted support.

ER Ramachandran said...

Congrats Anil and Ashwin! You deserve A++! A company for tree-planting and already the first customer.This event will be a forerunner of things to come. What is generally in vogue is: usually a company hires the services of a nursery to supply them indoor plants in the main reception and walkway and stairs who look after the same periodically and enter into a quarterly or yearly contract.Sap Green could open a new market for planting trees around a factory offering various options to the customer. Could you not offer to Palace authorities 2 to 3 design options of a greener approach to Palace or redo surrounding area of Jaganmohan Palace?I know Horicultural departments should be doing this!Since nothing is being done, somebody could sell such designs as a software.
Congrats and wishing you all the best, friends.

vadiraj said...

thanks folks.

i suggest, you take a look at the lakes, tanks and ponds. and see how the plants can help them retain water.

revenge of the environment. need to encroach the city not its waterbodies.

Anil Kumar said...

Thank you every body for your support. We are grateful to FORT-Mysore, for spreading the message about sapgreen. Be a part of our company by planting trees on special occasions.

Gagan K. said...

my friend told me about the pvt ltd company.. very nice idea. it is very rare these days to find people like you.

This is a great initiative. We citizens need to contribute our part to grow trees.

as ERR said, you deserve A++ . I think this is first time in the corporate history, a company has been incorporated for growing trees.