Monday, March 3, 2008

Trees around Monuments, Palaces for Mysore Please!

Mysore is blessed with historical monuments, heritage structures aplenty and great temples. What's lacking are trees! Just imagine - how Jaganmohan Palce will look if it is is surrounded by well laid out trees instead of a dirty market!.So too the Venkataramanaswamy temple in vontikoppal.The tourist's walk way to the Mysore Palce in Summer is greeted by scorching heat! And we have the horticultural Dept. sitting next door planning flower shows for Dasara.Can't we have a greenpathway leading to the Palace? Why can't we have Ashoka trees all around the Palace open yard dotted with temples.Even Tourists can sit under the trees in the shade.

Paris planned its trees precisely to decorate the Avenues, Palces and Buildings.These were done hundreds of years back daing back to Napolean period! They do not have any electric line hanging around. All utility linesare underground.
Some photos around the Elysee Palace gives the picture.


gourisatya said...

Mango trees were seen on either side of the Jaganmohan Palace. There seems to be only a few trees left now. There was also a huge 'Sampige' tree on the right side corner. I do not remember to have seen it of recent. This Sampige tree was a sight with its beautiful dark yellow flowers, spreading fragrance all around. I feel that Palace Pathway from the entrace gates towards the Palace should not be planted with trees, as they would block the view of the Palace and the temples. The sideways have some old trees, but more trees can be planted there.

guru said...

I recollect that in middle 1950s JaganMohan Palace did have,lush grass, flower beds and medium sized trees.

Cars and trees don't go together at least in India. Just look at the new extensions that sprung up in Mysore and how Mysore city boundary has expanded during the last 40 years. Those days a bunch of us then working at the engineering college (there was only one then in Mysore) went for Saturday outings mostly in the the outskirts of Mysore. The areas then were full of trees. I bet these trees gave way for houses, and new roads now. India loves concrete.

About champs elysées and elysee palace. The latter is an obscure place, hidden inside tall walls. But one has to admire how the trees on either side of champs elysées from place de la concorde to the arc d'triumph monument is jealously preserved and protected.

At least in Western Europe there is heavy European Commission policing of environment particularly the eco systems. The Commission's directives take precedence over any state's parliament laws. Hence concretising greenery is heavily stamped on by the Commission.

As I have been arguing reacting to posts like this, planting trees alone is not suffice. In a way it is tokenism. There is crying need to control the population explosion, prevent excessive use of earth resources and remove the causes of environmental destruction which means stopping the car culture deeply entreching like in U.S.A.