Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PKTB Sanatorium update

GVK in an earlier post had mentioned about the Jatropha plantations that were planned at PK Sanatorium.
Last week, I visited the place to have a look at what was going on now. I found that plantations were already being done a large stretch of the land.

Although this tree is projected as a solution for our future energy needs, no one really knows the long term implications of such large scale plantations. The seeds are toxic in nature and 4 seeds can be lethal to a child. Seed cakes of jatropha are known to contain toxicity and not suitable for cattle feed and fertilizer. Unless proper and systemic studies are completed to ascertain its agronomic and environmental impact, jatropha will always be seen as an unknown evil.

And to think that such a plantation is being done in an area meant for tuberculosis patients!! A better solution for this area would have been fruit trees. This would have been a sustainable way of afforestation and would also have served the patients.

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