Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trees, flowering, and the leafless

Trees nowadays are in a flowering mode; though the odd ones appear to have a mind of their own. Far from flowering, they stand undressed, all bark and stark branches, and utterly leafless.
Wonder what his grudge is, the one on the right. Some trees stay out of step with peers. They are yet to start leafing, while others are flowering. Gulmohar, they say, sheds leaves in summer, a time when we most need its shade.This one, close to DC's office, sheds its flowers, lending colour to the dull brown top soil. Municipal sweepers don't have the heart to sweep it off.
Flowers on this tree are rarely allowed to fall to the floor. They are plucked right off the tree by poachers who masquerade as morning walkers.
There are trees that flower blue (poor shot); and white (right)A naked beauty, at JLB Rd. government guest house, I guess.
Bougainvile at King's Court, JLB Rd., and (right) Ambegal Krishna temple, Chennepatna.

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Gouri Satya said...

'A naked beauty' is a supberb picutre. Congrats Mrs. GVK.