Thursday, May 8, 2008

A tree thats almost gone

When sapgreen first appeared in Deccan Herald, we had a call from a person. The lady asked if we had a "Pagade tree". Now whats that ? Back then we were not specific about the type of tree. We just wanted someone to plant a tree. I said "ma'm, sorry we don't have that" Few minutes latter her daughter called to congratulate us on our venture and she asked us what exactly do we do ? Few minutes of talk and I realized they just loved trees lot more than anything. They protected every branch of a tree that surrounded there neighborhood, requesting,yelling at people not hurt the tree. The Khan's were a great tree lovers. Yet they failed to procure a single sappling of "Pagade tree". This is when we realized the importance of "the type". A little research on this tree (You fill find it here it's called MIMUSOPS ELENGI L) and we came to know there are only few trees of this left in Mysore, yes just 3-4 of them, after lot of searching around, I finally found THE TREE, in the " Chandravana Garden" of Mysore. This is a garden maintained by govt. ayurvedic hospital.

Khan's loved this tree, the fruit was a favorite for her father. It seems it was lost generations back, people haven't heard about such a fruit for long. It is now standing tall as a laboratory specimen.This is when we promised the Khan family to get it for them, now it is a part of sapgreen's goal to get these rare trees back to life. My next visit to Chandravana will be this saturday, I will try to get some pictures an procure the pagade fruit and see if one of our nurseries can grow it back for us. I will get some pictures of this gorgeous lesser known garden of Mysore. This is a place every tree lover should visit once. It is opposite to University swimming pool. It's a beautiful forest with lots of ayurvedic plants, you can try some of these and believe me you will have fun with lot of tongue twisting and sweet leaves.

If anybody is looking for a rare species of a Tree, let us know and we will do our best to procure it for you.

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Raj said...

Dear Sir, I would love to have saplings of MIMUSOPS ELENGI and Ashokavana