Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No more home delivery

Mysore's green delivery company - Sapgreen - has stopped planting saplings at people's houses because, they say, it costs more than what they charge for the service - Rs.125. Sapgreen's Ashwin, in a blog post, claims transporting saplings posed a hassle. As he put it, "for planting just 2 saplings, we had to travel 10km in one direction, then back and again 10km in the opposite direction of the city. Totally, 40km".And they have just one person doing the job; and cycling 40 km, merely to deliver two or three plants, isn't worth the effort. It doesn't result in "much value addition anyway".
I thought Sapgreen was a Mysore company, in the sense that its tree-planting service would be available to the entire city. Now that they have declared their focus would be "on companies and persons willing to sponsor planting in (designated) public space", my sense is that Sapgreen isn't thinking beyond their current sphere of operation - Gokulum and Vijayanagara.
As someone living in Devaraja Mohalla, Sapgreen's self-centric approach wouldn't hold much appeal to me. Nor would it,I guess, to someone in Vonttikoppal or Vidyaranyapuram. If I plant a sapling to celebrate a family event, I would rather see it planted close by, if not in my backyard. Ideally, we would all want to watch them grow.
Besides, neighbourhood plantings in varied localities ought to make marketing sense for Sapgreen;and even get them the much-needed word-of-mouth publicity mileage. Wouldn't marketing/publicity of Sapgreen's services cost money? Wish Anil-Ashwin do a rethink on their core plan. I wish I could pick up the phone and voice my misgivings, as I used to do when Sapgreen was still in its formative days and its promoters were in regular touch with some of us in FORT-Mysore.

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Ashwin said...

Small clarifications: The reason cited was not cost alone.
The first and foremost reason cited was that transportation if done on open vehicles over long distances takes a heavy toll on the saplings.
We are currently planting at Vijayanagara because we started it there and the parks are yet to be filled with trees.