Saturday, May 3, 2008

He Pioneered Treeplanting in Kuvempu Nagar

Meet Mr. S.Y. Sadashiva Murthy retired Executive Engineer, PWD settled in Udayaravi Road, Kuvempu Nagar in Mysore.
Since it was a new layout there were no facilities for collection of garbage from houses in 1996. Mr. Murthy along with his friends started a house to house garbage collection drive in their locality comprising 300 houses and hired a couple of staff to do the same. They fixed a sum of Rs5/ per month from the residents. As it happens in most cases, others dropped off and it was left to Shri. Sadashivamurthy to run it more or less alone. This was run till recently when the Mysore city corporation (MCC) started this drive throughout the city.
When they started the garbage collection drive, Mr. Murthy and friends also thought of planting trees in their locality. After a couple of meeting with Forest Office officials in Aranya Bhavan, it was decided they should plant Honge saplings. They chose Honge because no animal likes to eat Honge leaves or plant. So the chances of survival of plants were very good. Once it grows into a plant Honge doesn’t need so much of watering and grow up as a sturdy tree. They got free saplings from Forest Department who also helped by giving Guards to protect the saplings.
The Group went on a house to house mission to explain their drive and received tremendous help from the residents. Most volunteered to water the plants and look after the same. They planted over 400 saplings which have grown into trees in cross roads around Udayaravi main road.
Mr. Sadashiva Murthy planted around 8 trees on either side of his house which has grown well.
He also setup rainwater harvesting system for his house and makes sure all the water is collected and in a good monsoon season, rarely depends on Corporation water.

The pictures show the trees planted on Udayaravi road and Mr. SadashivaMurthy in front of his house.


Dr YNI Anand said...

It is people like Shri Sadashiva Murthy who inspire others to follow their footsteps. As rightly pointed out by Shri ER Ramachandran, he chose Honge since no animal eats the plant. Shade of Honge, along with Neem is amongst the best and most healthy.

Although difficult and useful only for about a fortnight in a year, Tacoma bears beautiful flowers during the season, & if there is a row of Tacomas of different colors, it is a treat to watch.

Unfortunately, there are flower thieves who think otherwise and remove the flowers in no time especially when the plant is still young and bears only a few flowers. May the ilk of Shri Sadashiva Murthy increase!!

ravishankar said...

Hi iam RS Patil,working as an officer in Indian Air Force.I keep visiting my parents regularly who stay in J.P.Nagar. Mysore.I love greenary and have planted saplings in my neighbourhood. Iam really happy to learn about FORT Mysore which is indeed doing a great job in thrusting greenary drive in the city. I belevie we have to do this in a big way involving the citizens of the city and make this place a heaven on earth. wish to join u people in making Mysore a better place. Its better late than never and today is the right day to start. Jai Hind