Monday, June 29, 2009

Planting hazzles

Some years back, I asked the local corporator to join me in planting a tree. He came, planted the sapling himself, posed for the photos and left. A few days later, someone had vandalized the sapling and I planted another one in its place. The reason for the vandal was that a advertisement board had to be seen in place of the sapling. This time again it was vandalized. After the third one perished, I went to the corporator who had planted the tree. I came back with an indifferent advice from him, ‘Someone wants to make money by displaying his ad. Let him make money. Why do you bother about a tree?’.

So reads an excerpt from Ashwin's blog post. Thought his observations might interest the rest of us in the group

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CPN said...

This is true. Next time , when you find Advt hoardings , note that the tree next to it would be chopped mercilessly - just to ensure visibility of the Advt. In blore since there are active groups who support tree cause,this chopping is done late night.