Thursday, June 18, 2009

Greening D Urs Rd.

I wonder at what stage is the Prasanna-Ashwin initiative to tree-line Mysore's Devaraja Urs Road. Ashwin Upadhyaya and Mr Prasanna have their commercial establishments on one of the city's oldest market areas. Their plan is to mobilise shopowners for planting suitable pavement trees that provide shade for shoppers and parked vehicles.
I don't know if the Prasanna-Ashwin initiative includes sidewalk-landscaping, such as this one in San Jose, California.Maybe there isn't much scope,considerng that pavements on D Urs Rd. are not wide enough.Or maybe they could try it out on the Coffee Day Kerbside,where we turn right, into JLB Road.

Meanwhile, I wish to share with Ashwin and Mr Prasanna some photos on the sidewalk planting done in San Ramon, Calif.


Dr YNI Anand said...

Since the whole road in metalled, one has to dig in order to plant saplings. Probably the best for this road is the Cherry plant, popularly know as "Chatri Mara" seen in many places in Mysore. The next best would be Honge. These two, if planted at distances of about 3-5 meters, will provide enough shade in a matter of 3-5 years. This is the right season to plant such trees.

Ashwin said...

Sorry, the progress has been a bit slow on this one. I have to blame myself too for the delay in taking this forward. But I can promise that the proposal will have taken some shape at least by July 1st.

The type of tree can be honge here. However, cherry would not be suitable as it is a favourite food of bats and is a cause of many complaints.

I will post a detailed on by Sunday.

CPN said...

I have my doubts . The moment the tree starts taking shape the shop keepers will bring down the branches. Why ? simply because the Advt boards will not be visible to public. I would not waste my time at DD road - instead spend the same time and plant in different localities/residential areas. There are every chances that the trees will survive.