Thursday, February 21, 2008

Q&A: Where to plant?

My young computer engineer friend Nagendra who has made it a point to spread the tree-planting message among those he meets at work says people often ask him some standard questions such as: where do I plant saplings? Right in front of your house on the street, such as this one.

Street-side planting, particularly in localities with houses built wall-to-wall, is best done with the support and active co-operation of your neighbours. Dr. YNI Anand has done it in front of his Kevempu Nagar house (I have been persuading him to put on this blog a few shots of his roadside plants; and also tell us what and how long it took him to do this.) There are numerous others who could share on this space their experiences on planting saplings on their street.

A few tree-lovers such as Lakshmi Bharadwaj have had bad experience of having to cope with a neighbour who apparently doesn’t share Lakshmi’s enthusiasm for tree-planting. What was worse, her unfriendly neighbour chopped down a fully grown tree Lakshmi had nursed for months, because her neighbour wanted space for parking her car. Tree-lovers such as Lakshmi who have an issue with neighbours could always look beyond their neighbourhood for planting saplings. Plantable space are there on road-dividers. (See earlier post; On JLB Rd.)

This small pavement stretch on Sitavilas Road, by the side of the Medical College hostel, appears to be a no-man space. Maybe, there was a tree or two here planted along with those further down that were, presumably, planted during the Maharaja’s days. The missing tree here was probably felled to lay underground cable or drainage line.
Stump of a tree in front of Crawford Hall, chopped unceremoniously, presumably, because of its hindrance to road-widening or overhead power cable.

Tell-tale stub of a pavement tree, close to the Government Guest House at Javagal Srinath Circle on JLB Road.

Some other questions Mr Nagendra raised:

Do we need anyone’s permission to plant saplings on public space?

Where can we get saplings for planting?

Varieties of available saplings, their suitability for a given public space; and their prices.

Many of us are willing to pay/sponsor upkeep of saplings. How can they get someone to plant them?

How do we take care of saplings planted on roadside?


CPN said...

1. Obtain permission is the best way forward. This prevents lot of hassle [ neigbours,corp employees etc.]
2. Honge , sampige , any fig tree - all these provide grrenery and will attract birds. Flame of the forest - their flower nectar is loved by many birds.

3. a Small Bund around the tree - if you have funds - perhaps 'Jelly' buried beneath will act a soothing agent to the tree.
4. If you Mr. Nagendra are interested inplanting - We will soon go on a drive of planting about 60 trees in Mysore - Gokulam Park. Let me know if you are keen. Iam in the process of creating a Report to be submitted to the Commsioner. We need to identify the different trees , what it attracts - Birds , squireels - amongst Birds - we need insect eating , fruit eating - so a tree which bears fruit but also attracts insects is important. :)
My home town is in Mysore - I need to re searchwhere to get these tree species . I shall do it soon. April showers are the best time to plant / nurture any tree.

5. No body can bring down a tree - it is a crime - Mysore has a Tree court - only the Tree officer would have provided permission. Perhaps the neighbours should be told and warned.

GVK said...

Informative/instructive observations, CPN. It would help those interested in your Gokulum Park tree-planting move, if you could let us have a contact ID/phone.
Incidentally, snapshots in your blog are good. Wonder why it has remained un-updated for a while.