Monday, February 25, 2008

An NRI tree-sponsor; a Bangalore story

Excerpts from a post in a Bangalore tree-lovers blog:

Uma, a California-based Bangalorean and tree lover, called one of our volunteers. She was to fly off in a couple of days; and before she left (Bangalore), she wanted to do something to the city she grew up in...she wanted to plant some trees.

She contacted a (Tree-for-free) volunteer who contacted Janet. It was Christmas eve and labourers were on leave. some volunteers offered to do the work themselves... next morning they assembled at janet's place; saplings were loaded in cars and the first set of trees were planted at Cartman - a park (in Koramangala) where a retired professor has painstakingly put together a fine collection of plants and information regarding the medicinal value of those plants.

What's the point of planting trees in a place like this, one might ask?...the idea was to add to the collection of species in the park....we planted six saplings in the park.

Off we went to the next planting site - a vacant plot under litigation that had turned into a rubbish landfill; its owners were living the American dream. A concerned neighbour had the site cleaned up and decided to plant trees, keeping full faith in the speed of judgment of the Indian judicial system. We planted 10 trees in and around this site.

Seeing us plant ther, passers-by stopped to congratulate us...Some neighbours asked us if we could plant more trees in the area...By the time we were done, we'd planted about 15 trees in 3 lanes.

Read the full text of this post at Tree-for-free org blog

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