Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saying it with sapling

Kavitha who works in our apartments block isn't particularly green conscious, but she is responsive to sensible ideas. Kavitha planted a pomegranate to mark her wedding anniversary over two years ago. That was when my wife and I had planted a couple of saplings in a public park to mark the day our grandson Siddarth started going to nursery school in San Ramon, California.

Kavitha was quick to pick on the idea of saying it with saplings. What's more, she acted on it to mark a happy occasion in her life - wedding anniversary. In our lives we have good events and dates to remember - birthday, day our children start school, pass an exam, get a placement, our first trip abroad, and several other occasions worthy of celebration. Can't be a better way of doing it than plant a sapling on our backyard, roadside in front of your homes, at any open space in your neighbourhood.

Kavitha's pomegranate is coming up nicely on the backyard of our apartment building - Premier Residency - in Devaraja Mohalla. In response to my plea she agreed to pose for a picture with her two-year old 'green' baby.

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