Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After last night's shower

I missed Vrishamitra Gurukar at MUDA Circle (JLB Rd.)on today's morning walk. Instead,I found these boys doing their workout on the green patch. Last night's shower has evidently done some good for the saplings Mr Gurukar has planted in the last few days. Having run into him for the past two days, working on saplings at MUDA Circle, I was hoping to find him there today, and for the next few days.
I wish the boys, attending a soccer training camp at the Mysore University athletic grounds, had the opportunity to meet our 'green' man. When I mentioned this to their coach Gururaj he said the boys jog around in the neighbourhood every morning, and he and his boys would be happy to help Mr Gurukar in planting work.

I mentioned to Mr Gururaj that our new-found tree-lover friend plans to plant three more saplings at MUDA Circle; and so he can be found at this spot for the next few days, before he moves on to some place else for planting his saplings. Wouldn't it be nice if planter Gurukar and fitness coach Gururaj make a connection? Mr Gururaj works in the ticketing section at Mysore Railway Station.

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B.R. said...

It is remarkable GVK that you continue to connect people with broad common interests. Is there anything I could do to help Gurukar?