Sunday, December 21, 2008

Green-STEP: Making a difference to the environment

Green-STEP is one major break through in my personal life. With the help from like minded friends and my own resolve to make a difference to the environment I created a web site titled Green-STEP. I invite readers of this blog community to our web-site. And let me tell you that the moment you pledge yourselves to these or any other green measures in your own lives, then this becomes your own web site!
Recently Green-STEP organised an awareness program on plastic bags/covers pollution problem in Malleswaram, Bangalore on 6th Dec 2008. This event was covered by an article appearing in 'THE HINDU' newspaper dated 16th Dec 2008. On seeing the response/results, for once I feel I have been in action in my own life.
'STEP' stands for 'Sharing Thoughtful Environmental-friendy Practices'. In green-STEP website we have shared information on how each one of us as individuals can take simple but powerful 'ACTIONS' to make a difference to our environment. To give you an idea about Green-STEP, it talks about following issues:-
1) Urgent need to switch to cloth bags and avoid the highly polluting Plastic Bags.
2) Reduce, Reuse and if both are not possible then recycle! Be it plastics, paper, glass, steel, aluminium, brass, copper, etc., We must recycle all these and more, even if we can afford the world cannot afford such resource wastages.
3) In case you use an automobile, read how you can save fuel by reducing the virtual capacity of your fuel tank. Save fast depleting resources of mother earth at the same time add to your own bank balance:-)
4) Never drive your bike or car all alone. Drop some one on the way from a bus stand or auto stand. What does one loose by dropping some one on the way? Nothing! But what we gain is huge, we can arrest the maddening addition of vehicles to our city roads which is infact strangulating the smooth movement for the current road users. Unless we do something to this exponential addition of vehicles to our city roads, sooner are later we will definitely hit a wall and we will not even know what hit us!

There can be many more simple and effective green-STEPS which the readers of this blog may be aware and may want to share with the entire world. Do write in to me on and also feel free to tell me what you feel about these green-STEPs spoken about in this web site.


Lakshmi Bharadwaj said...

Wow, I salute you people. You are doing excellent work, to bring about a right kind of change. Wishing you all the best of success, and may you succeed in all ours endevours! Keep Green STEP going, and you have my full support! Really great work!

Ram said...

I cannot help commenting that this is
tokenism on a serious issue like saving the environment. What India should be striving and particularly Mysoreans should be doing is to give up the automobile craze, as for them the automobile-the car is a status symbol. There are too many cars in Mysore, pedestrians are considered third class citizens and the false prestige which drives one to buy a car in India is really the enemy of the environment. What you are saying is frivolous compared to the firmly embedded status constiousness a car
promotesin Indians. The better make of the car is the better pride and self-image it brings to the deluded Indian.

Hence please stop publishing silly pieces like this and take up a serious drive to stop car proliferation in Mysore in the first instance and reduce their numbers to a level that makes people pedestrians again.

Lakshmi said...

A great initiative..I remeber doing a documentary as a part of my assignment on plastic bags..and it was an eye opener..It pains to see people littering plastic every where..