Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A walk around the lake

Nearly three years back I wrote about a stench from the lake and Kukkarahalli mo(u)rning walkers. Three days back we took a walk along the lake.
This stretch is more than half-way on the 3.5 km walkway round the lake; and those of us who have problem doing the whole round at a stretch could do with a bench for a stretch out,like these ones on the bund close to the main entrance.

A couple of these benches would have better use if they could be relocated on the farside of the lake.

The farside presents a picture of neglect.
This stretch is not just unpleasant to look at. It smells foul as well. A fresh coat of paint on the bridge is long overdue; the water under the bridge that hasn't been treated or cleaned for a while appears a fertile breeding ground for mosquito.

The green patch has crept into the main the water body.

Some scenic pictures. Photos don't lie, they say; but they don't tell all either. They don't smell,do they.

Better maintained spots on the lakeside;they make a visit to Kukkarahalli worthwhile.


UCHANGI said...

It is an interesting article.Photos are very good.

ashok uchangi

GVK said...

Thank you, Ashok Uchangi. I appreciate your response.